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Important Information Regarding The Gorilla Trekking In Africa

Tourists and visitors who come to Africa enjoy many attractions that are found there among them being gorilla trekking. Some of the countries where you can get this activity includes Uganda, Rwanda, and Congo among other countries that have gorillas. Western gorillas that live in the valleys, Greueri which dwells in the mountain areas and the eastern gorillas which stays in the lowlands are some of the different species of gorillas that exists. the giant apes of the mountain rains forest is the term that is given to the gorilla that dwells in the mountain. They are largest primates that are known by the human kinds which live in the mountain areas. You will get some of these apes in thick forest of Virunga and Bwindi in Uganda.

With the reduced number of the apes to 650, many people are now worried of the diminishing ape species in the universe. Several tourism conservation groups are interested in carrying out a conservation program that will prevent the remaining gorillas from going into extinction. You will find some of the groups that have been formed such as the Gorilla fund project pleading for support from various individuals and government agencies to help them protect the life of the remaining gorillas.

Congo, Uganda and Rwanda as mentioned earlier are some of the main countries where you can get to see the different species of gorilla. You will find many tourists coming to Africa to see gorillas’ despite the increase in the gorilla permit. Most the government are benefiting from the gorilla trekking such as Uganda and Rwanda. You will notice that in Uganda, the visitors and the tourists are expected to participate in the gorillas trekking which in itself is very captivating. It is exciting and fascinating to see the gorillas in the cool weathers of the mountain and by discovering their natural dwelling places of every day. It is essential to note that you will be forced to walk in the forest when you are searching for the gorilla, and this creates a euphoric feeling, and you will have an exciting moments in the forest. Bwindi and Mhahinga national parks are some of the areas where you can get to see the apes easily.

Some of the factors that need to be taken into accounts includes the gorilla trekking permit which is issued as a fee, the age of the visitor, follow the tour guide during the trekking process and you should be fit for the gorilla trekking activity.

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