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Using Online Forms to Collect Information

Forms are basically used to efficiently and accurately correct information needed to know the views of people as well as make decisions. Online surveys can be done by use of online forms or web generated forms which can be found on a web page. Submitting data to the servers for processing is done once all the necessary data is entered on the online form. Online forms resemble paper or database forms where the user fills it using checkboxes, radio buttons or text fields. A checkbox allows more than one or no item to be selected and for the unselected state to be restored. Graphical control elements that allow the user to choose only one of a predefined set of mutually exclusive options are the radio buttons or the option buttons. Circular holes with white space for the unselected and a dot for the selected are contained in the list of checkboxes and radio buttons. The major use of text box or text field is to enable the user to input text information to be used by the program usually in a rectangle with a border that separates the text box from the rest of the interface.

The graphical user interface elements for creating a form are several. A text input is text box which enables the user to input a text in a single line. Some alternatives can be used for security purposes mostly in case of passwords where characters typed in cannot be seen or replaced by symbols. A radio containing radio button and a file used for file select control for uploading a file are other elements. Other components are a reset button which is activated to restore all values to their initial values, a text area allowing for multiple rows of data to be entered and a select which is a drop-down list with a list of items where the user can select from. Finally, there is a submit button for sending the form to the server.

There are various ways of making either use Microsoft word, excel or other available online applications. The forms can be also converted into pdf using some pdf form builders which can be done by the many available pdf form builder apps. Working with any website and being flexible enough to make anything from a simple contact form to detailed multi-page survey is the best characteristic of online form builder apps. The apps are also simple and fast to use.

Regular use of online forms for an organization helps people to collect information, learn the preference of people as well as gather feedback. A communication bridge is made between the organization and the users making communication easy.

The Ultimate Guide to Forms

The Ultimate Guide to Forms