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4 Myths You Hear About Internet Marketing

Peter Spann argues that there’s plenty of misinformation around online marketing. Nevertheless, any small or medium-sized company that fails to recognize the facts about internet marketing is massively disadvantaged as it won’t optimize the technique for best results.

This article explores some of the myths that could be stopping you from optimizing the internet to advance your business objectives:

SEO is Not Useful Anymore and Everyone’s Fine Without It

It is a lie to say that SEO is dead and not important to web marketing. As facts stand, SEO has just evolved and improved due to Google and other search engines modifying their crawling bots and software in order to deliver more meaningful search results to their users. For example, responsive design was not always an important SEO factor, but today it is very essential, so online marketers only need to adopt it and keep pace with SEO dynamics.

Getting All the Traffic is the Most Important Thing

For sure, the main focus of SEO is maximum business website visits. Yet, according to Peter Spann business marketing tips, there are scenarios in which getting all the web visits is meaningless in addition to slowing your pace. So be concerned about quality of the leads and not just the amount. Measure the value of your web traffic based on its origin. Rather than be traffic-spammed or have paid visitors reach your business site, are you sure you’re getting authentic visits from real, potential customers?

Social Media Can’t Help Considering the Nature of Your Brand

With a social media strategy, you can boost any other marketing content you’ve published online. For instance, you may use Facebook or Twitter to share an article posted your business website and have more people read it, widening brand exposure. Some business people are under the impression that social media is not ideal for their line of work, which is why they may choose not to have any social media presence. In turn, these enterprises are unable to exploit a viable chance to expand their following.

Fill Pages With keywords to Make It

Keywords have not lost their SEO relevance, but their deployment must be rational and organic. As such, deploying a keyword in every few statements never translates to better search engine visibility or more web visits. In fact, keyword spamming in content creation is a black hat SEO trick, which may actually end up ruining your site’s reputation with Google.

Be sure to never fall for any web marketing myths! In case your online marketing approach falls short of your objectives or you think you’re not doing it right, Peter Spann is there to provide in-depth insights.

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