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Smart Ideas: Safety Revisited

Points To Consider When Carrying Out A Safety Training To Make It Fun And Engaging.

A very vital thing for staff in the workplaces which is deemed compulsory in most firms is safety training.Human resource is always checking and upgrading on safety guides and manuals to ensure the workplace is a safe environment for work.Regular training gatherings are meant to be informing staff on the latest safety needs and also allows the firm to see if the set standards are being observed.But how does the Human resource ensure that a seminar or workshop held on safety training remains fun and engaging.

When planning the training, include humor.Most people find humor interesting and can spend lots of time paying attention so as to have a pause and catch a laugh.Humor unquestionably is hands down quite a way to turn around a presumed boring session into lots of fun.

Include the team in the training, integrate the people by having them participate actively.Participation of the team shall ensure everyone’s attention is held.Indeed a safety training session is guaranteed of being more engaging this way.

Games, competition and rewards are another way to keep fun alive during such a gathering.Staff rarely get to fully engage their coworkers in fun on a regular working day.Slight fun rivalry is quite engaging. Create small groups to compete against each other to assist in understanding the contents in the training, making sure rewards are given to the leading team, be it tangible or not for example having the winning team pick out one thing or another as an advantage above the rest.Think of fun, think games.In line with the safety training, games can be created in such a way that they add value rather than take away from the intention.Ultimately the training session is a lot more fun.
Making a video which can be used as a tool and can help the staff remain attentive and have fun as well.A training of any nature can never go wrong when using visual aids, a lot of information is put across rather than when there are none.

Most training sessions end on question and answer session, it is imperative to get back feedback and reviews at this point.This way the feedback given gives room to learn from staff what they refer as fun and engaging.Assess the data collected and include it in the next planned training.Sometimes staff end up feeling like they don’t belong in the firm and adding the suggestions they bring forth gives them a sense of belonging.The freedom of this knowledge makes room for fun and openness in every other safety training.

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