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Prinsip Prinsip Manajemen Keuangan 2 (Ed. 12)

If you’ll put money into the stock market it pays to grasp as much as you possibly can about how it works. Start looking at stock market charts and learn to establish signs of attainable future increases. One of the major ones is signing up for emails from firms and individuals who claim to be able to choose big successes all the time. Learning from other folks is one thing – shedding money on account of following someone else blindly is kind of another.\n\nYou have to multiply the stock value with the whole number of outstanding stocks available in the market to get the market cap of a company and that is the price of the company. This is perhaps crucial factor for deciding the health of any company and so they influence the buying tendency available in the market resulting in the enhance in the value of that exact stock.\n\nRatio – the ratio of liquidity corresponding to Current Ratio (CR), profitability corresponding to Return on Investment (ROI) and Return on Equity (ROE), and the ratio of activities corresponding to Whole Asset Turnover (TATO) can affect the company’s stock value.\n\nThe grave consequences of a crash are decreased client confidence in the development of the economic system, increased unemployment, decreased government finances as a result of low tax revenue, decreased demand leading to decreased wage inflation, low profitability of businesses, and so forth.