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International Adoption

Couples may not be able to have children of their own for one reason or another. They may choose to adopt so they can provide a home for children that do not have one. More couples are choosing international adoption for a variety of reasons. Of course, they will want to find a reputable agency. The adoption agency can provide information on the cost, the requirements of adoption, and guide them through the process.

What are Some of the Requirements for International Adoption?

There are approximately fifty countries that allow residents of the US to adopt children. However, the countries do put restrictions of who can adopt. Generally these restrictions include marital status, whether the couple has children and if so, how many, income, and age. Some countries, such as Korea, require that people who want to adopt cannot be more than 30% over recommended body weight for their height.

Some countries, such as Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Armenia, do not allow adoptions to single people. Some countries only allow single people to adopt depending on their gender. Other countries require couples to live there for a specific period of time before they are eligible to adopt. However, there are other countries that do not have such stringent requirements.

Why International Adoption?

Many people that choose to adopt want babies or at least a younger child for a number of reasons. They typically want to be able to experience the entire process of raising a child. There are a higher number of babies and children under four available for foreign adoption.

Adopting from another country can be expensive, generally from $20,000 to $40,000. Additionally you will need a home study, a child abuse clearance from both the state and the FBI. The entire process usually takes about 18 months. An apostille will be required for documents that will be used outside the US. This is why companies such as Mailbox Rentals USA offer an apostille new york city.

There are many benefits to adopting from another country. Perhaps the best one is knowing you are providing a home for a child that would otherwise grow up in an overcrowded orphanage.