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Doing Downtime The Right Way

Determining Downtime: Why It Is Important for Mortgage Sites to Always Remain Online

Your website going offline for a considerable amount of time can lead to your business’ failure. Downtimes can lead to the loss of money, customers, and credibility as well. A delicate balance of the three aspects listed is necessary for any mortgage site.

It will be impossible to run a business if it does not have any customers. On the other hand, it is through credibility that the number of your customers can increase. It will be highly likely for your business to record loses if it has few clients and lacks credibility as well.

The three factors interlink hence if one fails, the effects can lead to a vicious cycle of problems but which can be prevented. Downtime can lead to many negative effects, which you can measure with the help of a downtime calculator. As you continue reading, you will find useful information on selecting a downtime calculator and ways of keep your website active.

Importance of Downtime Calculator and The Need for Uptime for Mortgage Sites

Downtime Without Any Warning
It is scary to know that it is hard to predict when your website could experience downtime. Websites can go offline at any time. The lack of certainty on when a website can experience downtime arises because many factors go into keeping a website running online. The above information points to the need to be ready at any time for a possible downtime.

Installing an uptime service to monitor your website is a reasonable step towards minimizing downtime and its related effects. Once a website goes down, a mortgage company can as well start counting their loses. It is not worth losing money through downtime even if you are recording impressive numbers regarding profits.

Determining Business Risks by Using a Downtime Calculator
A few minutes of downtime can be enough to lose a significant amount of money. Actually, established firms can be victims of significant losses from such incidences. The use of downtime calculators is a simple yet good way of addressing your website’s downtime.

Downtime and Its Vulnerabilities
Losing money is only one problem that an offline website can cause but it can expose the visitors as well. The compounding challenge that comes with an offline site is the high possibility of denial of service attacks. In the case that you have a DDoS attack, the chances of hackers gaining access into the website and making unnecessary changes increases. Any unauthorized changes of core records like on the VA interest rates can further plunge your company into problems like customers filing lawsuits against the firm. It is common to see lawsuits against financial institutions based on their failure to safeguard their financial information.

Mortgage companies have to ensure that their websites suffer from no downtimes.