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The Google Money/Profit Tree is likely one of the many “new” applications online at present and it’s geared toward people who are on the lookout for sincere ways to generate income online and work at home. In reality the sales figures shown on his website is kind of impressive. And it is, tips on how to gather up keywords in your AdWords campaigns. I was somewhat new to AdWords at the time and so it was difficult to understand how he expanded his keyword record.\n\nFor their source of online data they obtained handsome revenue in the form of Google AdSense earning. Once a web site succeeded in maintaining heavy site visitors and high page rank there could be no downside in being profitable with Google AdSense program.\n\nAfter all, this doesn’t answer the true question that’s being asked: “How do I make important money – tons of or 1000’s of dollars per 30 days – with AdSense?” The answer to that question is kind of simple: content and site visitors. AdSense is a content monetization program.\n\nThis is great as a result of more than likely the people who are performing the searches are on the lookout for what you might be offering. For example, when you sell personal growth books, there are folks that can search “personal growth books” and a bunch of websites will pop up in a listing kind.