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3 Tips that Will Help You Find the Right Stairlifts Most seniors find it challenging to go upstairs. These family members may be frail due to age or various illnesses. However, sometimes the senior members may actually want to go upstairs despite being weak. To improve the mobility of your senior family members, you can install stairlifts. Your senior members will be active and enjoy going up and down the stairs if you install the right stairlift. The market has many home stairlifts that you can choose from. You should do your research well to find the right stair lift. When looking to buy a home stairlift, keep the following in mind. What Features Does the Stairlift Have? You should consider the features of the stairlift you are evaluating. If you have a straight stairlift, you may want a seat swivel feature at the bottom and top of the stairs. This is because to get on and off the stairs, you will have to do so while facing away from the stairs. You may also want the stair lift to have the ability of displaying an error code. With such a feature, it will be easy to know whether there are any problems with the stairlift.
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Choose a Stairlift that Fits Right The amount of weight that stairlifts can support varies. You should weight your senior loved one to know his/her weight before starting to shop for a stairlift. Get the senior to sit on a normal chair place on top of a scale to measure. Make sure the stairlift you are choosing is capable of support a higher weight capacity than the weight of your senior family member.
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Another important thing to consider is the size of the stairlift. Get the senior to sit on a normal dining chair and use a tape measure to get his/her width. Apart from this, you may want to go with a stairlift that has an adjustable arm width. This will ensure the senior gets the room he/she needs when on the stairs. What is Your Budget? You should also check the prices of the stairlifts you are interested in buying. The prices of stairlifts vary from store to store. To know how much you should expect to pay for the kind of stairlift you are interested in, carry out some research. You can start researching the prices of stairlifts by going online. You can check the websites of stairlift manufacturers to find out how much the lifts go for. At some of the websites, you will have to provide your email so that a brochure can be sent to you. Contact different companies that offer stair lifts and compare their prices. When comparing prices, consider also the cost of installing the lifts.